8 Ways You Can Include Candles In Your Self-Care Sundays

Sundays can be a source of anxiety for many people. Life gets hard working your 9-5, pursuing a side hustle, keeping on top of life admin, all while trying to maintain a social life. When Sunday rolls around, it’s no wonder panic starts to creep in about the coming week.

A lot of anxiety comes from feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Luckily, with a few self-care practices, you can take your Sunday blues from stress to serenity. 

  • Meditation

  • Okay, so if you’ve to head it once, you’ve heard it a million times, meditation is good for you. But that doesn’t give you much motivation to do it.

    Sitting in silence and attempting not to think sounds pretty dull, but that’s a common misconception about meditation. Meditation isn’t about having no thoughts. It’s about letting thoughts arise. You then take a mental note of them without getting sucked into an imaginary argument with your neighbours.

    But we don’t blame you if meditation isn’t your thing, so instead of thinking about ‘traditional’ meditation (sitting cross-legged on top of a mountain), you can choose a type of meditation.

    Trataka, for example, is watching a gentle, eye-pleasing and moving object with awareness. You can watch a bubbling brook or your washing machine if you live in the city! A flickering flame of your favourite candle is a great way to practice trataka.

    Meditation helps manage anxiety because it gives noisy thoughts and uncomfortable feelings space to breathe. More room enables them to pass through your body instead of being repressed. It’s an act of compassion and gives you a sense of control because you decide how to manage your emotions rather than them managing you.

    Try setting a timer for 2 minutes and meditate in whatever way suits you.

  • Candlelit bath

  • Sunday baths are a great way to relax before the working week begins. Run a hot bath and fill the bathroom with candles for some ambience.

    You can use specific candles to induce particular feelings. For example, if you feel jittery, you may want to invite a sense of calm into your body using lavender. If you are sluggish and want some energy opt for a lime-scented candle.

    You can even experiment with seasonal baths, using candles such as berries or figs for winter and cinnamon and apple for autumn.

  • Light a candle with your evening meal

  • A lovely way to bring awareness to your evening meal is to light a candle. You are signalling to yourself and others that dinner is a time to sit down, enjoy your food and relax. The act of burning the candle makes it more of a statement.

    You don’t need a beautiful dining table to have a romantic candlelit dinner.  Many people live in small flats and eat their meals in front of a TV. If this sounds like you, simply set a tea light by your plate or light one on your coffee table.

  • Plan your week

  • Planning your week is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety because everything is out of your head and made into an actionable list.

    Jot down your to-do list, and then make a note of which tasks you will do each weekday. If there are too many tasks on your list, roll them over to the following week or make a note that you will do it during a particular month.

    Seeing everything out of your head and in one place can feel overwhelming, so set up a calming candle next to you to help focus.

  • Journal

  • Slightly different from planning, journaling is an opportunity to reflect on the week behind you. Ask yourself what did and didn’t work. 

    Light a candle, pick up your journal and ask yourself, what are the things you are looking forward to next week? If there isn’t anything, note down an enjoyable activity you would like to do, like watching your favourite Netflix series on Tuesday night. If you need inspiration, there are some great Sunday journal prompts on Pinterest

  • Make spell jars

  • Spell jars are great practice for witches and non-witches alike because they’re so much fun. Spell jars are containers filled with things you want to attract into your life. For example, you may add dried rose petals for love or chamomile for relaxation. Making spells jars puts you into a creative and meditative state. 

    Get an empty glass jar and fill it with whatever you have around the house. Make sure you look up the magical properties of each thing, so you know what you’re adding! Then light a candle and drip wax onto it to seal the lid.

  • Make an actual candle.

  • Making candles is another creative hobby that is both simple and soothing. The gentle stirring of melting  wax, adding your fragrance, and pouring it into a jar slows down an overactive nervous system.

    You can get kits that have everything ready for you to whip together, or you can join one of our candle making workshops!

  • Sunday blues can come from worries about the next day, impacting your sleep. Create soft and relaxing lighting and sleep-inducing scents, such as cocoa butter or some cute soy melts. It will help calm your mind and signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down.

    Candles, along with sunset lamps, galaxy lights, and rock salt lamps, are incredibly calming. A cheap option is throwing sheer coloured scarves over your bedside lamps. 

    A top tip in the evening is setting up your bedroom with calm lighting, scents, and music. Then go and have a bath or shower. When you open the door, you will walk into a peaceful atmosphere. Just make sure you don’t leave any burning candles unattended.

    What is your favourite Sunday self-care activity?

    There are many ways to use candles to calm an anxious mind and create a relaxing Sunday. The most important thing is using them to regain a sense of healthy control and take care of your emotions by sitting with them or soothing them with enjoyable activities. 

    Let us know how you use candles on your self-care Sunday!

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    By Emma Carey