Trataka Meditation

Ever heard of Trataka meditation? Well, you have now!

Trataka Sadhana is a type of meditation from hatha yoga.  Hatha Yoga is used to help someone ‘spiritually advance’. The idea of Trataka is that when you channel your thoughts and focus your mind, you take back ‘wasted’ energy and allow the mind to move closer to the sensation of peace/calm.

...I can’t even meditate!?

Never meditated before? Don’t worry! Anyone starting or right in the middle of their meditation journey will tell you how difficult it really is to ‘silence’ your thoughts. Trataka  is a type of meditation done with your eyes open, meaning it’s great for those starting out! As you’re focusing on an object, rather you’re your headspace, it is a lot easier to focus. Open eyed meditation allows you to contain your wandering mind and reap as much benefits as possible.      

Before you begin…

You need to be careful with what type of candle you use!

Did you know that a lot of candles actually have harmful ingredients? Some are even carcinogenic! (queue the panic)

Keep an eye on fragrances on labels. Many fragrances are labelled as ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’, these have no specific information about what is actually in it or where it’s been sourced. ‘Fragrance’ can be created mixing together lots of natural substances or synthetic chemicals. Some of the known chemicals in ‘fragrance’ have been linked to developmental and reproductive harm, can interfere with your hormonal system, and can even aggravate allergies!

Some candles are made with paraffin, which is derived from petroleum. Yes… petroleum! It is not clean burning or eco-friendly. The chemicals released from burning paraffin over an extended period can cause asthma, allergies or even cancer. Stick with a white soy and you’re good to go!

So… how do I do it???

  1. Set up your Space- Switch off any bright lights and pull your curtains/blinds. Make sure there are no distractions near you and if you need to do something, do it before you start! Pets can be very curious, so make sure they’re safe and out of the room at this time. Check the temperature of the room is comfortable and you can have a blanket nearby just in case.
  1. Sort your Set Up- For Trataka Meditation to work it’s best, you need to place your candle at eyelevel. Consider using books/tables/stools to help with this! Make sure you’ve got a comfortable place to sit, either on the floor or chair. The candle should be 50-60cm away from you.
  1. 20 second prep - Take a few deep breaths, calm your breathing. Know that meditation is safe and you are always in control, should you need to do anything or exit your meditation at any time.
  2. Adjust Posture - Try your best to make sure your spine is as straight as possible, without any help from walls or things to lean on. Slightly lowering your chin will help elongate your spine and you’ll be able to breathe properly in this position.
  3. Finally… light your candle! - Its now time to light your candle. Focus your eyes on the flame itself. Take in a long, deep and slow breath (through your nose) and exhale slowly (out of your mouth). Picture any negative energy/thoughts leaving with your exhale. Focusing solely on the candle, repeat this process. Your eyes may loose focus, bring them back to the flame! After several long deep breathes let your breathing return to it’s natural, comfortable state.

The secret to meditation is not to ‘silence’ your mind but to observe your thoughts as they pass. Allow your thoughts to come, but also make the conscious effort to send them on their merry way with your exhale.

Sit here for as long as you need, focusing on the candle flame. You will see/notice nothing else around you when you truly focus on the flame, allowing invasive thoughts to melt away.

5 minutes should be enough for your first time, but it’s recommended to stay 10-15 to properly welcome calmness. It’s like a calming workout for your mind, it takes practise, but it’ll get easier as you repeat it.

When you’d like to stop meditation, simply become aware of your surroundings, your breath and focus on bringing your consciousness back to the room. You should feel a little lighter and happier to go on with the rest of your night/day.

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