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Are you a shop owner? Do you think eco-friendly soy wax luxury, yet affordable candles are a good fit for your store and customers? Register to enquire about becoming a stockist and email and we will be in touch!

Please email us with the following information:

  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • Some information about your business
  • Where you will be selling the products

We will be back in touch shortly! Thank you!


Am I able to stock your products?

Yes! We encourage everyone to sustainably shop and want to be part of this change of people becoming more aware of what they're buying. You are also part of this change to people switching to eco-friendly alternatives! Once you enquire, we can have chat about supplying in store!

Do you still plant a tree with every order?

Of course. So remember with every candle you purchase, you will also be planting a tree in the Amazon! :)

What products should I stock?

This is all dependent on your business, your customers, and your personal preference. Once we have your enquiry, we will discuss what we think will be best based on the information, while also discussing our current best sellers. You will also have a chance to get a free sample pack!

Why stock Essence No.1 eco-friendly soy wax candles?

You're not just stocking another soy wax candle. You're stocking an ethically sourced, eco-friendly soy wax candle. You're giving back to the planet and planting a tree. You're allowing your customers to shop more sustainably. You're giving them a product that will benefit their self-care routine, from a brand who puts people's mental wellbeing first. You're part of the change that needs to happen!