Our story


I've always had a candle obsession and just loved how at ease I was when lighting a candle. I started making candles as a hobby during university to ease my anxiety and over lockdown I found myself using and making them even more. It was a coping mechanism for me. 

I've struggled with anxiety for years now, and over lockdown I was using candles more than ever. 

After hitting probably what I would say the lowest point I have ever reached in lockdown with my anxiety, I changed the narrative. I decided investing in myself more than ever, and this was a learning process for me. After some time working on myself, I came out of the other side and this really opened my eyes to the importance of self care for self love. I decided that I wanted to create products and a brand that could help other people like it has helped me. Throwing myself into this business pulled me out of the dark place I was in and I'm grateful everyday at the response it's getting. 

I wanted to create products to help people create this safe, calming place for themselves. What goes on inside is just as important as the outside. My products mirror this. They aren't just something pretty to look at, they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

I've loved creating a community around the brand and can't wait to continue growing it!

Thank you so much for all the continuous support!

Lauren x