“Making Daily Text Therapy a Thing”

It comes as no surprise that the rise in (un)traditional therapy seeking is explicitly connected to the development of the pandemic and the length of lockdown periods. More interestingly are the new found methods this form of self-help has reached to accommodate its patients. Many platforms, such as Betterhelp or Talkspace, were pioneers in the rising phenomenon of online therapy, a concept that allows you to get the help needed without perhaps leaving the comfort of your home. It takes a similar approach to the well-known hotlines that provide immediate help, with the slight twist that you can prolong it and make a progressive journey through it.


Although the methodology of online therapy is that you manage to get the help you need through the easy web access, there are different sides to this approach. From live-chat drop-ins to weekly phone calls, texting therapy is perhaps the most popular and sought after, hinting that you should be texting your therapist as often as you text your friends. 

The topic has risen to the surface as Well+Good (a wellness platform) have featured online therapy as a promising 2021 trend, an inclusive paid treatment that is available out there and is growing in rapid and steady ways. Not only does it change the path of healing, it makes its delivery such a quick process, which leaves you wondering, why aren’t we all jumping on that?

As everything in life, it has its pros and cons, texting therapy duals in the middle as an effective method that for sure has its flaws. Pros: quick, cheaper than traditional therapy, perhaps safer for the patient, trendy, dissolves the stigma of seeking help. Cons: experimental stages, availability depends very much on the therapist, too techy for some, still expensive, often not covered by insurance.

Regardless of whether you are for or against it, there is a special light that shines on this new development, considering the alarming statistics on mental health over the past year. Perhaps texting therapy is the new best medical trend to come out of 2021.