How long do Yankee Candles last?

How long do Yankee Candles last?

At Essence No1, we wanted to be sure you’re getting what you pay for.

What do you look out for when buying a candle?

  • scent?
  • colour?
  • burn time?
  • candle wax type?

Our candles come in two sizes - 200ml and 300ml. Making it fair… we’re focusing on Yankee’s small and medium candle jars.

So, you get yourself a small Yankee Candle and you’re all excited how it’s going to smell and how it’ll create that ‘vibe’ in your house… that vibe will only last 18-26 hours!

The better you care for your Yankee Candle, the longer it will last, this is why burn time varies 😊 Your Yankee candle comes in a glass jar with a glass lid… what’s this lid for? This lid is supposed to be used in between burning times to keep your scent locked in! Not only is it extra packaging, but it doesn’t seem to be too effective… (Just an FYI, our candles don't need any lid to enhance it's scent between burn times)

Yankee candles are famous for their wide range of strong scents that fill your home - with all sorts of colours to match, but many customers complain that Yankee candles lose a fair bit of their smell after a while.

What are they made from? Yankee Candles are made from a type of wax called Paraffin. This wax is great if you’re looking to pack a punch with the strongest scent possible! Although… it’s a by-product of petroleum (yes- petrol!) and long exposure to paraffin can be harmful due to the fumes that are released when burning. These fumes are associated with asthma, aggravating respiratory conditions or allergies and in some cases are associated with being carcinogenic!

Yankee have a massive range of scents and colours available to perfectly match your home… but did you know? Coloured wax can actually burn faster than white wax and contains less additives that roam freely around your home when candles are burning. White candles are purer and burn more evenly!

It’s all worth it for the smell though… right? Well, wrong! Many Yankee customers complain that the scent goes or reduces are a while. They’ve got their fancy lid and the candle wax is MADE to lock in every smell, so what could be going wrong?

To properly take care of your candle, watch out for these things. You can benefit from longer burning times and really make the most out of your candle!

  1. Your first burn should be no shorter than 3 hours, allowing wax and wick to burn evenly. Every burn after should not exceed 4 hours.
  2. Let your candle completely cool before relighting.
  3. Keep your wicks trimmed for even burning. Don’t trim wicks below ¼ inch for best burning. (TOP TIP: after your candle has cooled turn upside down and remove charred wick with a tissue, should just snap off. You’re good to go!)
  4. Keep candle out of vents fans or drafts to allow even burning and avoid messy black stains on containers.
  5. Finally, make sure there’s no debris in your candle wax. This can cause uneven burning and potentially release unintended toxins into your home. It’s always safer to check before lighting.

So, do all your above steps and be grateful if you achieve 26 hours burn time with your small/medium jar candle!

Our candle burn time is between 25-50 hours! You can enjoy longer burn times and less toxins in your home, creating the perfect vibe. Do all of the steps above and benefit from 50 hours burn time!

Essence No1 candles are made from white soy wax, a very safe material to be burning in your home around pets and family. Just because it’s white doesn’t mean its boring! Choose your jar colour and our scents have funky bright coloured labels- fitting right into your home.

Our soy wax is carefully and ethically sourced from GMO free suppliers, and a full supply chain audit has been carried out to ensure only ethical suppliers are used that don't contribute to the large areas of deforestation is caused by soy.

For each candle purchased, you’re buying/planting a tree in the Amazon rainforest!

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