5 Best Everyday Essential Oils

You might have heard that essential oils are great for you, but where do you start?


I'll be dishing the dirt on the top 5 essential oils, their benefits and how to use them in your day-to-day life. Soon you'll transition from an oil newbie to someone who can't stop talking about the benefits of lavender at your next party.

Disclaimer: DO NOT ingest essential oils! 

Essential Oils That Will Improve Your Day-To-Day Life


If you're looking to start with any essential oil, lavender is it. It's top-rated and for a good reason. The smell often made me think of old ladies (sorry, grandma) because of its flowery aroma. However, after reading the undeniable benefits, I gave it a try, and three years later, I can't live without it.

You can use lavender in aromatherapy (scents that relax the body, mind, and soul). Its relaxation properties regulate the nervous system, helping sleep, anxiety, and stress. It's also a highly effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. 

There are many ways to use lavender. I have a bottle next to my bed, sprinkling it directly onto my pillow every night before sleep. If I'm feeling extremely anxious, I'll douse a tissue or hankie in the oil and inhale until I drift off. 

The second way I use it is for beauty. Its soothing abilities help with scalp irritation and calm inflammation on the skin. I add a few drops with a mixture of aloe vera gel and rose water and apply it directly to my scalp as part of my skincare routine. You can use the same combination on your face for acne. NEVER apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin as they can cause chemical burns.

The final way I use it is by adding it to DIY cleaning products as a surface spray. It's better for the environment and your health because it doesn't hurt contain toxic, synthetic fragrances. The anti-bacterial properties cleanse the harmful bacteria while keeping the good and leaving an aromatic scent in your home. Try our lemon and lavender candle.


I love peppermint. It's highly stimulating and great for blood flow. Have you smelt a bunch of fresh mint leaves? The oil has the same effect. It helps focus and productivity and is a great option to lift your mood. 

Scientific studies suggest that it has more potential for growing hair than minoxidil (a lab-made hair growth formula). You can add it to your scalp tonic for hair growth. However, I must warn you that I used peppermint oil on my scalp and the result was irritation and dryness. I have sensitive skin and it did more harm than good. Use it occasionally, maybe on hair wash days, if you want to give it a go.

You can also diffuse it or have a mint candle nearby when working or studying to engage your senses and keep your focus. However, my ultimate favourite way is to use it when you need energising for a night out (I'm an in bed by 10 pm kind of girl) or if you need to invigorate a low mood. Mix it in with your shower gel and rub it on the soles of your feet while showering to give you a party-all-night vibe. 


Ahh, lemon. One of Earth's most beautiful, simple, and magical fruits. It's a staple in my home and my essential oil cabinet. The citrusy scent arouses the senses and gives mental clarity, which is incredible if you have brain fog and feel sluggish. It's a must for depression because it triggers endorphins (happy hormones) and is fantastic if you need energising in the morning.

I can't make a cleaning product without using lemon because it's not only anti-bacterial but gives your home a wonderful fresh scent. Add it to your bath for uplifting relaxation (only a few drops as you can get chemical burns from more potent aromas). If none of those options are for you, then simply keep a bottle next to you when you're working and give it a good sniff when you feel stressed or unfocused. 

Our Lemon and Lavender candle will uplift and relax you or you can try the Basil and Mandarin candle for a citrus scent.

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is not of my favourite scents, but its not really used for its aromatic purposes. It's medicinal smelling and is often in skin care or to treat other infections due to its magical antibacterial properties.

You can make a shampoo to kill lice (make sure to follow a recipe if used for kids as their scalps are sensitive). You'll also find it in toners to treat acne. However, I highly suggest not using any essential oils if you consistently flare-up because they may be too irritating to your skin barrier. 

It's essential to add tea tree to cleaning products because it's so great at eliminating bacteria. Mixing it with lemon and lavender is great to reduce its potent smell. If you don't like tea tree, you can swap it out for eucalyptus (and people often do). 


Let me confess now, I love chamomile. I love diffusing it, adding it to my bath, using it in skin products, and chamomile tea (use the flowers, not the oil!). It's incredibly calming, has excellent relaxation properties and is anti-inflammatory. Although I prefer the scent of lavender, I find chamomile a gentler option if used for skin products.

I bought a simple supermarket micellar water (because, budget), and I was shocked at how much better my always acne-prone skin got. A further look showed me one of the top ingredients was chamomile. It's anti-inflammatory, so great for inflamed, sensitive skin. Apply it to an itchy scalp and experiment using it in your skincare routine (although you must remember to always dilute before application). It's my top pick if you have sensitive skin.

You can also spray it on your pillow, diffuse it, or add it to your bath for your bedtime routine. Try mixing it with lavender essential oil if you're feeling frisky (or rather, you don't want to feel frisky). 

Essential oils have an insane amount of benefits (not all of which I can list in this article). Use them for beauty, cleaning, and lifestyle or look out for them when hitting the shops. They're in candles, skin care, medicinal products (think vapour rub), and are 101 for relaxation. 

If you're a complete beginner and still feeling indecisive then I recommend the following; one essential oil for relaxation, one citrusy scent to boost your mood, and one with anti-bacterial properties (lavender does all three, so I suggest it's the first one you buy). Whether you want to treat skin irritations, improve hair growth, or need some TLC and a natural way to make your home smell like a garden, essential oils are for you.

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